As he approached his thirty-third birthday, Tal’s life couldn’t have been any better. He had a great job at a great company, he got to travel the world, eat cheeseburgers and was able to purchase most of the unnecessary things he found on the internet. In fact, Tal’s life were so good, that thinking about the future didn’t excite him. It made him yawn. At some point he realized that the better the materialistic aspects of his life got -- and the more invested he became in satisfying them -- the less likely he was to ever seriously pursue other avenues of self-fulfilment.

To ensure he does not get addicted to his lifestyle and habits, and with hopes that his family, friends and colleagues can awaken him from his existential slumber, he invited them all to a full-day event, part Hackathon, part Intervention, and asked for their feedback and access to their professional expertise.

They showed up, and delivered, big time. For one day they re-examined Tal’s personal and professional life, his choices and his options, and, using their diverse skill set, built an action plan to execute them. You’re reading this now because part of that plan included a promise from Tal, that he’d turn this experiment in to a replicable methodology that others around the world can use to relaunch their lives.

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